Keep Your Balance

I can still remember all of the babies we cared for over the years. While they were all unique, they all had one thing in common; being swaddled tight helped them sleep well. They loved the security that being wrapped tightly in the blanket provided. But it wasn’t only the swaddling that helped them sleep, [...]

Preparing Kids for Summer Camp

Listener Jeremy wants to know about prepping kids from hard places for summer camps, so Ryan, Kayla, and Chris discuss the best ways to manage this. They also discuss how those working at these camps might be able to help out in that environment. Resources Mentioned in the Episode Sky Ranch @ Horn Creek Adoptive [...]

Our Kids are Watching and Learning

I truly believe that parenting is a leadership exercise. We are responsible for teaching and mentoring our children, we are their leaders. The mentoring part is so important because they learn more by watching what we do than they do from us instructing them. Some behaviors are taught, but most of them are caught. There [...]


There are so many places where our unmet expectations get in the way of connection with our kids. Chris, Ryan, and Kayla are joined again by Allison Highton, and they talk about these various expectations, which begin even before our kids come home. Resources Mentioned in the Episode Mealtime Struggles episode The Connected Child The [...]