Celebration Day


Today is a day of celebration for our family. Our two oldest kids are getting baptized. All of our family who live in town, grandparents aunts and uncles, and our small group from church are joining us in the celebration. The celebrating party includes Tori’s birth mother.

As we were driving to pick her up this afternoon, I reflected on the relationship we have with her. I thought about all we had done and the great distance we have come together.

I thought about the trips to the courthouse for hearings and then for mediation. I thought about the summer she spent two weeks in our home and when she told us that she wanted us to adopt Tori.

I thought about playing Mario until 2am. I remembered the road trip to see her graduate and sitting eating hamburgers for lunch. I remember all of the holidays she has spent with us and the time we went to San Antonio and Seaworld.

There were a flood of memories today and I realized that our celebration wouldn’t be complete if she wasn’t with us. We’re thankful for her and we love her because she is a part of our family.

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