Beware Bugs and Burns

Enjoying summer nights can be hard to do if you are fighting with pesky bugs who want to nibble on your ankles.  A few years ago we began searching for an alternative to the icky chemical bug repellents you can buy.  We discovered that using Young Living essential oils is as effective and smells so much nicer too! Here’s a recipe we have used and love.

summer nights

Bug Repellent Spray or Cream

In the bottom of a 2 oz spray bottle, put a pinch of sea salt or a few drops of alcohol and then add 8-10 drops of purification oil*.  Allow the oil and salt/alcohol to combine and then fill with distilled water.  The salt/alcohol help disperse the oil in the water.  Spray on your skin when you go out to avoid bug bites.  If you are looking to add some moisture to your skin as well you can combine 8-10 drops purification with coconut oil and shea butter (⅛ c each).

In our quest to get rid of chemicals we try to use sunscreen that is effective while not being toxic to us.  One down side to natural sunscreen is it needs to be applied more often.  If you forget, and you are fair skinned like several in my family, you will pay the price with painful sunburns.  We have found some Young Living products that work amazingly to relieve the pain when that happens:

Sunburn Relief

Lavender essential oil neat (no carrier oil) applied directly on a sunburn can be very healing. If you have burned a large area like your back, this could take a lot of oil.  A great alternative that you can purchase is a cooling mist from Young Living called LavaDerm (product #3249) which combines lavender essential oil and aloe vera in a cooling spray.  We have used this already this summer and found it to be very soothing on a sunburn.

To purchase your own Young Living* essential oils click on this link.

*I am an Independent distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. While I do make a commission on products that are purchased using my number, I will only ever promote things my family uses and loves.

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