One DollarWe are all aware that a dollar doesn’t buy what it used to anymore. It seems like dollar menus have fewer items, even songs on iTunes are a buck twenty-nine now. Everywhere you turn the dollar seems to be losing it’s power. Except of course at the Dollar Tree.

I had the day off today and so we went to the Dollar Tree to stock up on Band Aids and gum. Each one of our thee kids picked out their own box of Band Aids. The girls went multicolored, our son wanted a box of 100. Three bucks for 200 little healing strips. What a deal. Then we spent a dollar on four packs of gum. Another great deal.

We have gone through a pack of gum and treated several boo-boos already today. (We keep Hello Kitty and Spider-Man ice packs on hand for the same reason.) Here is the good news. I just called Tori, my seven year old, to come downstairs and I only had to call her once. Success! I love it when we end the day on a positive.

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