We will be speaking at the Tapestry Conference this Saturday morning. We are thrilled and a little overwhelmed, partly because we have to present as a couple but mostly because we are sleep deprived.

Our thanks to Annie McClellan (@anniemcclellan) for the following.

In their session, Adopt-Ed, Ryan and Kayla will focus on educating parents to educate educators to help kids learn better. Ryan and Kayla took some time to answer a few questions about their session, Adopt-Ed.

Who should attend your session?

Any foster and adoptive parents with school aged children, childcare professionals and teachers

Are there common misconceptions about Adopt-Ed?

A common misconception is that teachers are trained and equipped to deal with every situation, family dynamic and child. Parents, in their roles as advocates, need to be able to help equip teachers to meet their child’s needs. Some parents are reluctant to approach the teacher for fear of labeling their child. Many of the Empowered to Connect strategies are good for the whole classroom. There is great potential for partnership with teachers.

Is there a resource that you would recommend that has shaped your thinking on Adopt-Ed?

The Connected Child by Purvis, Cross and Lyons

Wounded Children Healing Homes by Schooler, Keefer, Smalley and Callahan

The Out-Of-Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz

 The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun by Carol Kranowitz

A Memo to my Fellow Teachers by Leonlida DiTomasso

Attachment Influences in the Classroom by Karyn Purvis

Adoptive Families Magazine’s The Great Back-to-School Kit

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