Now that my kids have been out of school for a few weeks, we are starting to get into our summer routine.  That routine includes daily reading and math fact review, and of course lots of fun and exploration.

Math ona chalkboard

One website I have found extremely helpful in keeping me and my kids accountable for doing some math each day is called*  This is a completely FREE website that is really simple to use.  The initial setup takes just a few minutes and you are ready to begin.  You can enter the grade that your child is in and it will create a program for them, or if you child is advanced or delayed you can change it to fit them.

The kids listen to Mr. C give them instructions on the quizzes and games.  As they answer questions correctly they are given either a smiley face a check mark (depending on how quickly they answer).  The kids are encouraged NOT to guess.  If time runs out, the answer is given to them and they must type it in before moving on to the next problem.  Each section is filled with repetition and plenty of opportunities for success!

There is a parent login that lets me see the progress my kids are making.  I can see exactly which facts they have mastered and which ones they have gotten wrong.  (I can also see if they tell me they are finished with the lesson and they really aren’t!)  I am using this with my kids ages 4,5,8, and 10.  My 8 and 10 yr old log in on their own and complete it with no help from me.  With my 4 and 5 year olds, I sit beside them and let them call out the answer and I type it in.  Sometimes they want to do it themselves, but I find that they are more encouraged when I let them call it out because the keyboard aspect slows them down(and this site is all about getting the math facts quickly and accurately).

My kids have enjoyed having Mr. C encourage them as they master more and more facts.  Admittedly, my 10 year old thinks it is a bit cheesy, but it is really helping!

What are your favorite websites for summer review? Share yours by leaving a comment.

*I was not compensated in any way by  🙂  Just like to share good resources!

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