One of the great advantages we all have is the wealth of research based resources available to us. A place we have gone to many times for these resources is Empowered to Connect.

In this video Dr. Karyn Purvis discusses the IDEAL response we need to have to our kids.

  • Immediate – If you want to change or reinforce a behavior the response must be within 3 seconds. You can’t get more immediate than that.
  • Direct – When you interact with your child be close, look them in the eye and talk to them. Be totally present. Don’t try to engage from across the room.
  • Efficient – Remember to have the appropriate level of response. Deal with the issue don’t preach a sermon.
  • Action based – Make them do it correctly. Correct action makes correct body memory. Create motor memory for the right thing. [read a recent post on tying again here]
  • Leveled at behavior – You response needs to be specific to the behavior you are trying to change.

Always remember to keep your eyes on the prize. What are your parenting goals?

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