Connection Jars

Connection Jar

Finding ways to connect with your kids can be hard. Connection jars can give you a quick and easy way to add connecting activities to your everyday routine. Set a certain time each day and allow each of your kids to pick an activity from the jar. Spending just 5 minutes each day connecting with your kids can make the world of difference in your relationship.


  • A quart size jar, a small pot, or anything big enough to hold large size popsicle/craft sticks.
  • 10-20 craft sticks
  • Sharpie marker (ultra fine tip)
  • 100 ways to nurture and connect handout
  • your imagination
  • optional: 3 different colors of washi tape, markers, or paint


  • Find 10-20 connecting activities that you can do with your child.  Try to pick a variety of activities that you and your child can both enjoy. Use the 100 ways to nurture and connect as a starting point.
  • Optional: sort the activities into 3 groups based on amount of time to complete
  • Write activities on the craft sticks.  
  • Optional: Use the washi tape, markers, or paint to differentiate between the groups (ie: green = 5-10 min, blue=15-20 min, orange=20 min +)
  • Put the sticks into the jar and allow your kids to pick activities to do with you.
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  1. Can you please link to the 100 ways to nurture and connect handout? Thanks!

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